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By providing foundational digital, business and financial literacy skill training and mentoring to women-led micro and small businesses in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, and Vietnam.

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Supporting Women in Business

Whether you are a new business owner, thinking of starting a business, or a seasoned entrepreneur, Accelerate has something to help you gain valuable skills to support you in participating in the digital economy in a post-pandemic world!

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Foundational Digital, Business & Financial Literacy skills


32,000 Women-led Micro & Small Enterprises


Through training and mentoring


Entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal and Vietnam


To participate in the digital economy in a post-pandemic world


Starting from February 2022

In 2022 Accelerate My Business Reached


Malaysian Entrepreneurs


Indonesian Entrepreneurs

Come join our growing community of Women Entrepreneurs and network while learning!

About Us

Accelerating Women-led Businesses

Accelerate is targeted to women who are considering starting a small business as well as small business owners who want to learn the basics of digital, business and financial literacy skills.

It provides practical instructions on starting and running a business and include activities, worksheets, self-assessments, glossaries, and additional resources to refer to along the way.

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